Passionate teachers who genuinely care about students and their learning.

Since we were young, we always knew we wanted to be teachers to become a positive influence and nurture future generations.

During our experience in the education sector, we saw a need to facilitate opportunities for parents and educators to support the learning of students. We believe that this can be achieved by equipping students to master the subject area whilst building lifelong learning skills. Success depends on the foundation of a three-way partnership between students, parents and educators.

With this vision, we took it upon ourselves to establish EX Learning. 

We look forward to meeting you along this journey.

Alison & Yun


What many parents don't consider when looking for a tutoring centre are the underlying drivers that promote education success for their children.


EX LEarning

Lessons designed by qualified teachers


Lessons taught by qualified teachers


Free additional learning support


100% online & future-ready


Small group classes guaranteed


Maximum value


Participation from anywhere in the world

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Meet The Team


Alison Chan

With her love of working with children, Alison is an experienced and qualified educator with a Bachelor of Education from the University of New South Wales. She has taught at various schools across the public and private education systems, with extensive primary education experience. In her spare time, Alison likes to read, draw and explore new trends.


Yun Kim

Since Yun started tutoring primary school children while in high school, she developed a passion for education which led to her pursuit and completion of a Bachelor of Education from the University of New South Wales. Since graduating, Yun has been employed as a teacher in the public education system, with a focus on primary settings. In her spare time, Yun likes to play the guitar and sing.