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With over 18 years of teaching experience and a mission to maximise education outcomes parallel to the NSW curriculum, our online tutoring service ensures that your child is equipped for today and the future of education.

Orchestra Audience

Customer Feedback

Orchestra Audience


I am very satisfied. Each week, I feel grateful to my child's teacher who teaches to my son's learning style and needs. My son enjoys the lessons too and above all, his grades have improved! Highly recommend.


I’m a mum who enrolled after a free trial lesson. The teacher knows each child by name and leads them well.

The teaching resources are sent in advance and each lesson is time well spent. I am satisfied and grateful to the teacher who works hard to prepare and teacher the lessons.

At first, my daughter was shy and reluctant to join in but within minutes, she was immersed in the lesson, raising her hand and having a good time. She really loves the lessons. Please look after her!


I would highly recommend EX Learning. My son had his first class and we are very pleased with the way they teach and really happy with the feedback given after class.

Our customers

Being online means that our customers have the flexibility of joining our programs from wherever they may be. 

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Our Content

We have thoughtfully developed programs with our knowledge and experience in the NSW education sector to give your child the best chance to succeed in all of their academic endeavours.


Our Structure

Our lessons are student-centred with interactive activities which ensures students are focused. 

This is supported with collaboration between parents, students and teachers. 

Our Approach

Our small group online only approach provides personalised support that cater for the needs of each child.

The online environment allows your child to prepare for a digitalised education world.


Why online?

As teachers, we see online learning as the way of the future. Each year, we see increasing demand for digital learning where students are expected to adapt to these changes, including the way testing (OC, Selective & NAPLAN) is being conducted.

With the rapid evolution of technology and its integration to our lives, we see the need to continue to facilitate a digital approach to learning. This ensures that our students will have a greater degree of confidence to succeed as life-long learners.

We understand that some people may still feel unsure about online learning or perhaps, it’s something that has never crossed your mind. However, we believe in the benefits that online learning brings, as it prepares your child to adapt and grow as future-focused learners.

OUR Services

Homework help

Our homework help group offers comprehensive support for primary school students and parents wanting to get assistance on any challenges they might have with homework, practice questions or anything else academic.

Frequent Feedback

We believe that true learning occurs with timely and effective feedback as it provides students with direction in their learning. As part of the program, we provide comprehensive feedback to ensure students are challenged to reach their goals.

Extended hours

Our extended hours means that we are available when it is convenient for you. Whether this is early in the morning before work or late at night  when you've put the kids to bed, our aim is to be there to support you as much as possible.


Virtual meetings

As part of our program, we will regularly engage with parents to ensure they've got complete awareness of their child's performance. We do this by opening ourselves to virtual appointments. Based on our experience, we believe this should be the standard across the education sector.