Education Week 2021

This year, we come together to celebrate being 'Lifelong Learners' from 26th to 30th July.

We are here to celebrate that learning is a lifelong journey for everyone from early childhood into adulthood.

Despite these uncertain times, we have to remember that being educated is a privilege that many in this world do not have.

We are also thankful and grateful to all the teachers, parents and carers who have been working tirelessly to provide us with education during these times. And to all the students who are also trying their best to continue to work towards their educational goals.

To celebrate, the department has put together some virtual events for everyone to join.

Click here for the live stream at 10 a.m. Monday 26th July.

Visit the Education Week website for ideas and resources to plan a celebration in your local school community and share your Ed Week celebrations and activities on social media using #EdWeek21.

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