Planning for 2021

For many parents, a busy work schedule means that you are always short on time. Before you know it, the school holidays have begun again and you are left thinking about the things you could have done in those 3 months.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail'' is a statement that resonates with our approach to education, in which the critical element is collaborating and planning with parents so we can work towards the success of their child’s learning.

With the start of 2021 upon us, it is time to start thinking again about what your child needs and the outcomes you would like to achieve. Just like learning a new sport or musical instrument, this requires planning and support to ensure that your child reaches their full potential.

Below are some key dates from the NSW Department of Education that could be a good starting point to organise your child’s goals for 2021.

Whether it’s planning for success in an upcoming test, keeping on track with academics or simply a new year resolution, getting started early and understanding what is required means you are already taking steps in the right direction. Moreover, creating a plan to address those needs will reap rewards for those who can stay committed to achieving their outcomes.

Putting together and implementing goals for your child can be easily done.

  1. Set expectations and visualise the timeline that you are aiming for

  2. Monitor your child’s progress to address any challenges they may encounter

  3. Prioritise their health and wellbeing by promoting a balance between study and play

  4. Support them always, even if it means seeking external help

With our experience in the teaching sector, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of planning and time management in order to achieve goals.

Please reach out if you require any assistance with supporting your child’s education success.

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