Writing Skills

Learning to write well is arguably one of the best skills anyone can learn at any point in their lives. It allows us to concretely express ourselves and improve our ability to communicate.

The benefits of being able to write well help us to:

  • Think more critically

  • Improve literacy skills, resulting in faster processing of information

  • Prepare ourselves for future studies

  • Organise our thoughts concisely

  • Build empathy through different perspectives

Writing is a skill that is used in all stages of life and can be a powerful weapon for distinguishing one’s argument in an ocean of noise.

At EX Learning, our writing workshops are structured to unlock the full potential of your child’s writing. Whether informative, narrative or persuasive, students learn about the different text structures and language features through examples. Students are encouraged to brainstorm and discuss together with the class to facilitate the development of ideas. They are then guided through teacher modelling before they create the texts independently.

Student work is marked against the NAPLAN writing criteria, and feedback is provided to stimulate conversation with the teacher and their peers to reflect on their work. In addition to the standard program, we also provide our students with additional questions throughout the week, giving them the opportunity to be well-practiced.

Register now for a free trial lesson in writing for years 5 or 6, available to all new customers. In the mean time, please see below for a summary of our writing workshop's structure.

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